At Trail, we understand the importance of not wasting time entering client information multiple times into different programs. This is why Trail currently has integrations with ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp to help you manage your marketing automations and campaign. We are looking to create more integrations in the future to continue to help your business run more seamlessly.

In the meantime, though we cannot directly send sales and marketing material from Trail, it is easy to export your current client data so this can be imported into your marketing software.

Client data can be exported from:

  • The Contacts tab

  • The Product dashboard

  • The Activities page

The Contacts tab

The Contacts tab contains an overview of all the Contacts and Profiles in your system. You can change the view between Contacts and Profiles by using the Contacts/Profiles button at the top of the page. 

To export relevant data of either your Contacts or Profiles, you will need to select which filters you would like the list to show, using the 'Change Columns' button. Each the Contacts and the Profiles list shows different information, so have a look to see which is more relevant to you, if not both. To further understand the difference between Contacts and Profiles, click here.

Once you have decided on the filters that you would like included in the export, click the cloud button at the top of the screen to export the list. This will download the Contact/Profile list into a Excel spreadsheet.

The Product dashboard

The Product dashboard shows all the current products your client has. Depending on the kind of advice you participate in, you may be able to switch between mortgage, insurance and investment products through clicking the products button at the top of the page. 

Depending on the Product dashboard you are viewing, you'll be able to filter between different columns. Once you have decided on the filters of information you would like to include in your export, you can use the tick box on the left of the products to select which products you would like exported.

  • To select all products, tick the box in the header bar.

  • To select multiple products, click on the first tick box you want to export, and then hold down shift when clicking on the last tick box of the product you want to export. This will select every product between the first and last ones you selected.

Once you have highlighted the products that you would like to export, a sidebar will appear on the right of the screen, with an overview of the selected products. At the bottom of this sidebar, there is a green 'Export Selected' button, which will export the selected products into an Excel spreadsheet.

The Activities page

The Activities page contains an overview of all your Activities. These can be filtered between members of your team, the due date, the type of task, and whether the Activity is complete or incomplete. You can also change which columns are shown in the page.

Filter your Activities to ensure that you are only exporting the information that you need from the export. From here, click the cloud button at the top of the screen to export the data. 

How to use the exported spreadsheet

Once you have the data downloaded into a spreadsheet, you can use Excel to filter and sort the list. This means you'll be able to find the information of the clients, products, or activities that fit the criteria you are looking for. If you're Excel-savvy, there are other tools you can use to make sure you have the information you need. From here, you can import that data into your marketing software to use in newsletters, emails, or other mailouts.

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