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Managing your Profiles and Contacts

Using the Contacts tab to get an overview of your clients

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The Contacts tab shows all your Contacts and Profiles. From this page, you can see a range of information about each person that is in your Trail database. This page is a good way of getting an overview of who your clients are, and you can export this information for your marketing efforts.

To access the Contacts tab, click the person icon on the navbar on the left of your screen.Β 

On this page, you can view an overview of either your Profiles or Contacts. You can switch between these using the white button that will say either 'Profiles' or Contacts', next to the green add button. Each page shows different information that is relevant to either just one Contact, or a Profile as a whole.

Based on your settings, you're able to view only your clients, a teammate's clients, or the clients of your whole organisation.

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