Finalising Insurance Policy Information

Updating the recommended cover to reflect the clients' actual situation

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In this article you will learn:

  • How to edit a current policy

  • How to add a new policy

How to edit a current policy:

From the Application Policy section, you can edit the current recommended policy, or add a new policy. To make sure all the information is going to be correct for your client moving forward, you'll need to edit the calculated policy. 

1. Click on the Calculated Policy box

This will open the policy modal. 

2. Fill in the product details at the top of the modal

This is where you can update who the provider of the policy will be, as well as the policy number and fee.

3. Edit the cover items as need be

Clicking on the cover item will open the product's details. From here, you can enter specific details about the cover items, as well as any deferments, exclusions or loadings the client may have. If a client is not proceeding with a specific cover item, you can remove it by clicking the trash can in the bottom left of the screen.

4. Add any additional cover items

Underneath the list of cover items, clicking 'Add cover item', will allow you to include any cover items the client will have that have not already been added. 

5. Upload necessary documents

Click 'Upload Document' to upload any relevant policy documents that you have on hand. Once you have done this, click 'Done'. 

How to add a new policy

If there is another policy a client is undertaking that is not a part of the calculated policy, you can add this in from the application policy section. Clicking this button will bring up a blank policy modal where you can enter policy details and information on specific cover items. 

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