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Updating the client fact find and needs analysis for your business

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NOTE: To watch a training video explaining your insurance settings, click here.

The Gather Information section of an insurance Opportunity involves getting your client's fact find and needs analysis information to understand their current situation and their insurance needs. This is made to be sent to the client to complete online at home, but can be completed in a meeting with your client if preferred.

In your insurance settings, you can customise certain parts of the gather information process to make it suit your business needs.

There are four sections in the gather information settings that can be customised:

  1. Introduction

  2. Scope of service

  3. Needs analysis

  4. Declaration


The fact find introduction is made to educate your client on insurance, the fact find process, or anything else you would like them to know before they complete the needs analysis. This page will show at the very beginning of the fact find, though it can be turned off if you would prefer not to use it.ย 

Scope of Service

These setting relate to the type of advice you provide. From here, you can choose the default advice you provide (full, partial or no advice), and if an adviser or client can change the Scope of Service.ย 

From here, you can also add any other services you provide, such as a mortgage review, or any partner services you have.ย 

Needs analysis

The needs analysis settings allow you to decide whether clients are presented with the needs analysis and also select what cover you consider to be essential, important, or optional. This will help clients decide how much they want to be covered by insurance.


The declaration settings allow you to edit the declaration that clients agree to for compliance purposes. This appears at the end of the fact find before a client is able to complete it.

What next?

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