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Customising Emails Sent to Clients Through Trail
Customising Emails Sent to Clients Through Trail

Setting up default email templates to send to your clients

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Throughout the process of providing your clients with mortgage and insurance advice, Trail allows you to easily email a client for key events that occur during this process - for example, sending a client a link to complete their fact find online, upload necessary supporting documents or view their Statement of Advice.

In your Email Template Settings you can customise the emails that get sent to your clients through Trail.
Your Email Template settings can be found in your Personal Settings. From these settings, you'll find the templates for each of the emails that are sent from Trail. This page shows the name of the template, a description of what it's used for, and any specific features it has, such as if there is a document attached to the email.

Clicking on any of the templates will open the modal for that email template. From here, you can customise that email to your liking by changing the wording of the email, and attaching any relevant files you'd like the client to be sent at that stage. If you're unsure where in the software this email is sent from, hovering your mouse over the blue 'Trigger' button at the top of the modal will open a text box explaining where this occurs.

From this modal, you can also select any extra people that you would like the email to be sent to by default. This can be done by clicking the grey '+' icon in the 'To' field, or clicking 'Cc' or 'Bcc' to the right of the screen. You can select the extra person from the drop-down list provided, or type in another email address for someone not in that list.

Merge Tags

Merge tags allow you to enter a placeholder into the email template. When sending an email to a specific client, the merge tag will pull through real information from the software, so you don't need to type this in each time. For example, the tag {key_full_name} would be replaced by the full name of the key contact in the profile.

Note: Selecting to include a Contact's first name will pull through the client's preferred name, or the first name if they have no preferred name in the software.

There are many tags that you can add to your templates to customise them, such as the email and phone number of the clients' adviser or details you have belonging to the key contact. To add a merge tag in your email, click the words 'Insert Merge Tag' on the right hand side of the modal, and then select which merge tag to include.

Setting Default Organisation Templates

Depending on your organisation's Permission Settings, you may be able to set a template as the organisation default. Clicking this button will replace the templates set by advisers in your business with the template you have made.

Creating your Signature

You can set a personalised signature that will appear on all of your emails sent from Trail. Your signature will contain your photo, contact details, and any extra information you'd like to include. You can edit the signature added to these emails in your Profile Settings.

In your profile settings at the bottom you will find a section where you can put your email signature or anything else that you want added to the bottom of your emails.


Your organisation administrators can choose who can set up their own email templates in your organisation's Permissions Settings. From here, they can select whether advisers, assistants, or managers are able to create a default template for their emails.

Administrators can also decide whether the option to set a template as the organisation's default is available to them in the template editor.

Note: Once an adviser has set up their own email template it will be used for all emails sent for them until this is overridden by an administrator through setting a template as a company default. Simply disabling the permission will not change which template is used.

Questions about email templates?

Please get in touch with us at, or using the chat button in the bottom right of the screen.

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