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Creating a test client account
Creating a test client account

How to view the client portal and complete a Fact Find or Quickform as a client

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If you'd like to take a look at the client portal or see what the Fact Find or Quickform process looks like before you send it out to a client this is what you need to do.

Option 1 - Send the invitation to a personal email address:

Note: Your email integration will pick up emails between your personal and work email address so you may wish to add this email address to the excluded emails list in your email integration settings.

When you are creating a new opportunity you can simply use your personal email address and send the invitation email there and access the client portal in the same way a client would. You will need to log out of your adviser account first or open the link in an incognito window.

Option 2 - Open the invitation link in an incognito window:

This option removes the need to send any emails and allows you to jump straight into the client portal.

If you enter a placeholder email address ( when creating the opportunity you can open the link in an incognito window instead of sending the email to yourself.

This will take you to the registration screen where you can set a password to log in just as though you had received the email and followed the link that way.

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