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How to change ownership of Profiles and Opportunities
How to change ownership of Profiles and Opportunities

If you need to hand over an opportunity, or change the person managing a profile, this guide is here to help you

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In this article, you’ll learn how to hand over profile ownership or collaborate on opportunities with your team members.

NOTE: Your organization may be set up in a way where all team members have access to each other’s opportunities. If this is the case then it may be easier to share the URL link of the profile in question to your team member. This can be found at the top of your web browser.

Your view may vary based on the browser.

If you are an admin of your organization, you can check the permissions set up of your organization here.

Full Control: Profile Ownership

If you want to hand over full control to another adviser in your organisation, you can change profile ownership to give them full control over all information and opportunities.

1. Navigate to the profile and click on the current profile owner in the top right corner.

2. Select the new profile owner.

The person you have now assigned this profile will now see the profile in their contacts and be able to search for them. The existing opportunities will still be assigned to the original profile owner. If you wish to re-assign ownership of the existing opportunities, see below.

Partial Control: Opportunity Collaboration

If you’re managing a profile but a team member is helping you with an opportunity, you can give ownership of an opportunity to someone else in your organisation. This allows them to only edit the information within the assigned opportunity. This is great for collaboration, as the profile owner will still have full control over all information, including the opportunity you’ve assigned to someone else.

When creating an opportunity

1. Create an opportunity and change the ownership to your team member.

If the opportunity already exists

1. Locate the opportunity in the profile and select it. Then click the current opportunity owner as follows

2. Click on the name and then change it to your team member

Now your team member will see the profile in their pipeline, however, when they select it they can only select the opportunity assigned to them. This is indicated with their profile picture next to the assigned opportunity, as shown below.

Please note that while they can see the profile information, they cannot edit any information. This is shown with a note specific to them at the top of the timeline.

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