Searching in Trail can sometimes be a bit daunting if you have a large contact pool containing many common names. This guide will run you through best practices when searching and how to utilise our Profile/Contact filtering.

You can also search using; Email addresses, Phone Numbers, and Insurance Policy Numbers. These will only return results on exact matches.

To search for a Policy Number you must type a '#' key before the Policy Number e.g. #1234567899

Searching Policy Number without an exact match

Searching Policy Number with an exact match

When entering text in the search function, the system will look for any matching text: Profile names, contact names, and emails. Even archived ones. This can create long lists if you have a deep contact pool. If you are searching for an individual with a common last name you have a few options for filtering this list to give you quick and easy results.



The default filter on all searches is 'All' this will include any matches to the text entered.


Clicking on the 'Active Profile' icon will filter your search list to only display 'Profiles' that are currently active. Use if you are searching for a profile with a common last name, e.g. Smith or Simpson


Using the 'Contacts' filter will remove any Profiles from your search. Use this when looking for specific individuals. Very helpful when you are using an email as a search term!


The last one is the 'Archived Profile' filter which shows you all archived/ inactive Profiles. Note that even if a profile is archived, the contacts in them are still existent within Trail and can be added to active profiles.

Examples of Search Filters:

Best Practice:

Using both First and Last names in an 'All' search e.g 'Sophie James' will return all profiles and contacts that have either 'Sophie' or 'James' in the Profile or Contact name. Using the filters on these large return pools will help you get your results.

If you name your profiles 'Lastname, Firstname' searching 'Lastname,' with the comma will also help you return more specific results.

Questions about searching?

Please get in touch with us at, or using the chat button in the bottom right of the screen.

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