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Find your existing clients in Trail using the functions and filters of the search bar!

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Trail helps you search through your contact pool and all your profiles, even as your clientbase changes and you may start having many common names in there!

We'll run through some best practices for searching and utilising the Profile / Contact filtering to find the client you are looking for.

In this article you will learn:

  • How the Search Engine in Trail Works

  • Profile & Contact Filtering

  • Best Practice

  • Search by Contact details or Policy Number

How the Search Engine works

When entering text in the search function, Trail will look for any matching text whether it is in the:

  • Profile name

  • Contact name

  • Or even in the Contact's email

By default the results also shows archived matches.

It is also important to note that the Search engine operates under your user permissions. Therefore if you will only find results for your search based on the level of access your Trail Account has. E.g. if you cannot view other adviser's clients, then they will not show up in your search either.

Profile & Contact Filtering

You'll notice that there are some options at the top of the list once you search for a keyword/name. These help to optimize your search and filter only what you want to find. Here are what they mean:

Filter by ALL

The default filter on all searches is 'All' which will include any matches to the text entered and any Archived profile/ contact results.

Usually this brings up the widest range of matches. Helpful for when you're looking for the entirety of what matches your searched word in your clientbase.

If there is a common name, e.g. "Simpson", you may end up getting many matches such as this:

Filter by Active Profiles

Clicking on the 'Active Profile' icon will filter your search list to only display 'Profiles' that are currently active (not archived).

This is what it would look like with our example:

This is helpful for using on a regular basis for finding the family/ grouping of people on their Profile. It is also useful for quickly identifying duplicate Profiles.

Filter by Contacts

Using the 'Contacts' filter will remove any Profiles from your search and only show individual Contacts.

This is what it would look like with our example:

This is useful for looking for specific individuals and more specifically using contact details (such as emails or phone numbers) as the search term!

Filter by Archived

The last one is the 'Archived Profile' filter which shows you all archived/ inactive Profiles.

*Note that even if a profile is archived, the contacts in them still exist in Trail and can be added to active profiles.

Best Practice

  • For the most part, using the Profile Filter is hugely beneficial for returning the desired results as long as you're including a name in the Profile Name as your search term.

e.g. If the Profile is called Sophie James & Peter Jones, then searching any of those words "Sophie" "James" "Peter" or "Jones" along with using the Profile Filter will return the right results.

  • If you name your profiles 'Lastname, Firstname' searching 'Lastname,' with the comma will also help you return more specific results.

Search by Specifics

Contact Details

You can also search using; Email addresses, Phone Numbers, and Insurance Policy Numbers. These will only return results on exact matches.

Policy Number

To search for a Policy Number you must type a '#' key before the Policy Number e.g. #123456789. Again, these will only return results on exact matches, so as long as you're typing at least the first few numbers correctly

Searching Policy Number without an exact match

Searching Policy Number with an exact match

Questions about searching?

Please get in touch with us at, or using the chat button in the bottom right of the screen.

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