If you have forgotten to input a commission into Trail after winning an opportunity or didn't have the exact details at the time of completion. Don't worry, there is a way to input this detail after the fact!

First, navigate to the client profile of the missing commission. You can filter the timeline by 'Opportunities and Products' by clicking on the 'tag' icon

Finding the specific opportunity that is missing commission details from here is super easy.

Once you have found the opportunity in its 'Won' stage, it's essential to recall the exact date of the Lending Drawdown. Taking a screenshot or writing this down will save you some trouble as we will be editing this section of the opportunity.

Clicking on the 'Won' will open up the opportunity side panel with some further details. From here clicking Re-Open Application will then move this from a product into an opportunity. This can be accessed through the Opportunities module on the left side of the profile.

Re-opening this as an opportunity and completing as usual (How to win a Mortgage Opportunity) will give you the ability to make changes to the application details that include the Lending Drawdown Date & Commission Received.

From here you can add the Drawdown Date and the Commission Received to the opportunity.

Questions about making changes to products?

Please get in touch with us at support@gettrail.com, or using the chat button in the bottom right of the screen.

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