What is CAPTCHA?

Captcha is a short test to provide a challenge that a human can solve, but a computer bot cannot. This means ideally it can filter out any bots from the software.


*NOTE: You have to be an Admin to enable this*

In Trail, CAPTCHA will appear when a user signs up for the first time through a registration link, or creates a new account from your organisation's sign-in page.

To toggle this function, go to 'General' under your Organisation Settings.

This means anyone trying to register/ create a new account, will see this checkbox:

Under normal circumstances, the user will fill in their details and would be able to check this off and continue.

When would a CAPTCHA test appear for a new client?

The actual CAPTCHA image test will only appear if the activity of this user seems suspicious. (e.g. This could include having the sign up form being filled out too quickly as if it were automated).

In this case, there would be an image in which you have to do a task of e.g. selecting any image showing cars/ bridges/ chimneys.

The Benefits of CAPTCHA

There is good reason we have implemented CAPTCHA into Trail; it increases the security of the software by doing the following:

  1. Prevents fake online accounts being created by bots or hackers.

  2. Prevents random spamming and targeted spamming by blocking automated scripts from being able to work.

If you have any questions of how CAPTCHA may affect your organisation, or you have issues relating to it - please feel free to reach out to support@gettrail.com.

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