Email management in Trail has always worked by scanning your email inbox and 'sent' outbox for correspondence that matches criteria based on Profile Owners & active Participants in a Profile. This is built to streamline the process of viewing and recording your communications with your client so that in their Profile, you have all the information gathered in one place!


Now we are taking this a step further by allowing a copy of your inbox and your 'sent' outbox to be accessible within Trail. This can be used to manage all email communication relevant to Trail, including emails sent through the Trail software.

In the Mailbox, you are able to view and search through all sent and received mail.

From here you can easily assign emails to relevant profiles and adjust as needed. Trail will still automatically assign direct emails to the matching Profile, but this update makes it much easier to match other relevant emails to the correct profile.

In order to access these features, you must integrate your email address. Here is a guide on how to do this:

Here is where to find your new Mailbox:

Adjusting the view

  1. To switch between your personal and the shared organisation inbox, click here:

  2. To switch between your Inbox (received emails) and your Sent Outbox (sent emails):

Syncing Emails - Refresh!

To refresh & start syncing your inbox in Trail, click here the green 'Refresh' button below:

PLEASE NOTE: This will start scanning all of your 'active' email folders, it may take up to 5 minutes to load!

Your Mailbox Settings

To quickly jump to your Mailbox settings, click the 'Settings' button below:

And you should land here, at your Personal Settings > Email Integration:

Block List

You can make a 'Block' list of emails (e.g. advertisements, promo material) from particular senders which send you emails that are not relevant to your day-to-day work on Trail. This list can be viewed and edited at any time.

Blocking an address will remove all emails from that address in the inbox that are not linked to a profile. Any emails sent to or received from a blocked email address will not show up in your Trail Mailbox.


To add a sender to your block list, there are 2 ways:

  1. You can jump to Settings on the top of the page. Once it takes you to your Email Integration settings, you can click on 'Additional Settings' and click on 'Block List':

    This will bring up this modal here, where you can add email addresses to block:

  2. Another way to add emails to your Block List is to scroll to the right-hand side of your Mailbox. You should be able to see some block symbols to the right of the 'Received Date'.

    If you don't you may have to 'Expand thread...' to be able to see this:

    You can then click the 'Block sender from mail-list' which will add this particular email sender to your Block List.


To view your current list of blocked emails, click here:

Once in here, you can also remove any of these emails from the 'block list':

Viewing & Assigning Emails

When you need to see inside an email thread (back and forth's in an email conversation), you can click on the arrow icon below:

As for when you need to assign any emails to a Profile that have not been automatically assigned, then you can do this by entering the profile's name here:

There is also a way to bulk manage emails by selecting the tickbox by the emails, which will bring up a prompt at the bottom of the screen that asks you which Profile to assign these to. Click 'Confirm' to finish off:

There is also a way for you to quickly search by keyword for a particular email. Just type in the keyword in the 'Search mail' field and press enter on your keyboard to begin the search:

Disable Syncing

You can also choose a particular profile where you do not want ANY correspondence to show up on that Profile's timeline. You can do this by flicking on the link icon beside a participant's email address:

This will mean that going forward, no emails will be shown on the timeline. Any emails deleted off the profile timeline will remain deleted and not return unless the sync is re-enabled.

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