Our supported email providers are Gmail/Gsuite or Microsoft 365(Outlook)

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What is the Other Provider option for Email Integration?

This guide below is to help you connect your Email Integration with Trail through IMAP/SMTP which is the "Other Provider" alternative option.

You only need to use this option if your email address
is with an alternative email provider.

(i.e. you are not with Gmail/Gsuite or Microsoft 365 / Outlook)

The Support Team currently do not provide further
troubleshooting with Other Provider connections.

Choosing the Other Provider options means you will be using the IMAP/ SMTP method to get a direct connection between Trail and your inbox. Having this connection allows you to access our email management system, even with an alternative email provider.

Please follow the below steps to set up your IMAP/SMTP Email Integration and get your email connected to Trail!

How to Connect via Other Provider Option

  1. Go to your Settings and click Email Integration and there is an option to 'Connect with Other Provider':

  2. In the menu that pops up you will need to enter the following details:

For the user credentials section:

Username: Your email address you wish to integrate.

Password: Your password to login to your Email Address (NOT your saved Trail login password).

For Incoming & Outgoing Email Settings:

As you are with another email provider (not Google/Gmail or Outlook/ Microsoft Office) then you will need to check with your IT team or Email address provider what your IMAP/ SMTP Host & Port numbers are.

To ask your IT team, you may use this template to request this information:

Hi there,

Currently I'm setting up my email integration in Trail, the CRM I use. They require the following details about my email address setup in order to set up this connection:

  • IMAP Host url & Port number

  • SMTP Host url & Port number

  • Whether SSL is used or not.

Thanks for your help! Let me know if there are any further information I need to know about my email setup.

Once you get the information from your IT team, then you can enter those into the incoming & outgoing email settings.

All set up!

Once you complete this process successfully, you will get this pop-up:

And your screen should look like this in Email Integration Settings:

Remember to turn on 'Yes' for each option to allow Trail
to access your email's full functionality!

Trouble-shooting Tips

So the setup didn't work? Have a go at these:

  1. If you are experiencing pre-filled text for your user credentials (username & password), you may have to delete the pre-filled text and manually type your password in to make sure it is not your Trail login details or any other login info.

  2. If the above does not work, you can open an Incognito Tab in your browser (For Chrome, the shortcut is to hold down Ctrl, Shift, N), and then sign into Trail as per usual. Then go through the IMAP/SMTP setup in this browser instead. This should mean that you won't have pre-filled text and it will allow you to type in your own email address and password.

  3. Check that the IMAP & SMTP Host site & Port numbers are correct. Some email domains may have different details than the ones provided above. When you first set up your email domain, you should have received these details, so please get in contact with the relevant person who helped you to set this up.

  4. You may need to have 2FA enabled. The final trouble-shooting tip is to TURN ON your 2FA. Ask your IT Provider if this has to do with connections not working.

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