How to manage Group Schemes in Trail

Got clients under their employer's Group Scheme? Here is how to manage this in Trail!

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Trail can help you manage and keep track of clients that are under Group Schemes with their company. Please read on to understand how to represent this on Trail.

1.) Firstly create a New Profile for the Company if it doesn't exist already. For more details, click here.

Creating a new profile this way will mean the Company as a contact will appear on this profile:

  1. You can put them as a Participant to this profile, note if you enter an email address for this company, then it will also pull in email correspondence into this profile.

  2. Also mark the company as the Key Contact so that they appear at the top of the contacts list:

  3. Then check all the tabs are showing correct information - e.g. the relationship of the contacts on this profile to the Company:

2.) Directors / Shareholders and main contacts for the Group Scheme

The Directors or shareholders can usually be the main contact you have regarding the Group Scheme. This is why you can mark their 1.) Relationship to the Profile as an active 'Participant' to this profile.

Doing this means that this business profile will capture email correspondence from the email address/s specified in the contact details:

Remember you can always click Disable Timeline syncing if that particular email address of the Director/Shareholder will not be the main one you have contact with about the Group Scheme.

If any Staff Members, are the main contact person for this group scheme - you can mark them as a Participant instead of Staff.
(As per above, please note that as soon as a contact is marked "Participant" then the email syncing will be enabled for their email address(s). Please do disable this if you do not wish for correspondence to appear on the profile)

3.) Adding in Staff Members

On this company Business Profile, you can add all the staff members as contacts on here, and tag them as Staff. To do this, just click the Add Contact button in the Contacts box at the top of the profile.

1. New Contacts

For staff members who do not exist as a contact on Trail, you can add these staff members as a New Person and put in any information you know about them.

Next, add in information about their 1.) Relationship to this profile which will be Staff - and 2.) Relationship to the company, which will be Staff Member:

They will appear like this on the profile, once added:

2. Existing Contacts

The staff members could be existing clients you already have on Trail that have their own personal Profile. In this case, you can keep their personal profile for personal advice, and add them as an 'existing contact' to this business profile to be able to specify them as a beneficiary of this Group Scheme owned by the company.

IMPORTANT: When adding these existing contacts, please do specify their relationship to the profile as Staff so that their personal emails correspondence don't get pulled into this business profile:

They will appear on the profile like this, once you've added them:

4.) Adding Group Scheme Policies

Now you can start adding the policies owned by the company that covers the staff members of the company.

Go down to the Products box on the profile and click Add Insurance Product.

Since you added the company as a contact to this profile, you can now select them as the Policy Owner. Then you can add any of the contacts on this profile as the Person / Lives assured, under this particular policies.

If there are multiple policies then you can specify multiple policies as fitting.

If you have any further questions of how to represent Group Scheme on Trail, or you have issues relating to it - please feel free to reach out to

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