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How to download your client's policy schedules in Trail

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Trail allows you to create schedules from each client's profile page, in the Products section. This is where you can get a quick summary of the insurance products that your client owns and/or is insured by:

There are 2 types of schedules you can generate:

1.) A Profile-based Insurance Summary PDF

This comes with the options of a default or a condensed version of a policy summary that is presentable for your clients. The default version contains more details about the policy including policy number, fee, payment type and frequency along with more details on each cover item too, while the condensed summary is a broader overview.

To download, click the "Policy Schedule" and once this box appears, then use the drop down options under "Profile based Insurance Summary (PDF)" to specify which contact on this profile and what version of the summary you want to "Generate".

This should then take you to a preview of the schedule which you can then choose to Download or Print on the top right corner:

2.) Contact-based Policy Spreadsheet

This is where you can download a spreadsheet that contains all policy information relating to a contact in Trail. Some of your clients in Trail may be present across multiple profiles (e.g. a personal one and a business one where they are under a group scheme), and this Policy spreadsheet will cover all their policies where they are either a Lives Assured or a Policy Owner.

To download, click the "Policy Schedule" and once this box appears, then use the drop down options under "Contact based Policy Spreadsheet (XLSX)" to select which Contact and also toggle the multi-select Columns to change what information you wish to be included in the spreadsheet. Once you're ready, click "Download".

This should then take download an excel spreadsheet where there will be 2 worksheets; one for policies that the selected contact OWNS, and the other will be for policies that the selected contact may be UNDER as a life assured:

The corresponding columns you selected should also be what shows up in the spreadsheet:

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us through the support chat when you're logged into your Trail account or email through to

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