Managing a Profile's Notes

Creating & editing the Notes on a Profile

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Notes are a great way to jot down information about a client digitally on a client's Profile. Between this and Activities, it is a day-to-day feature for you to quickly summarize meetings, pin important general client information, and make sure you have the needed notes about the client for your teammates to know about.

In this article you will learn:

  • How Notes Appear on Profiles

  • Create a New Note

  • Pin a Note

  • Edit or Delete an Existing Note

  • Manage a Note's Attachments

How Notes Appear on a Profile

As you land on the client's Profile, this is how a Note would appear in the Timeline. You can use "Toggle Notes" to bring up all Notes historically for the client:

Creating a New Note

1. Click "Add Note" at the top of the client's profile.

2. The new Note modal will appear and you can immediately begin typing however much or little you would like.

3. You can also choose to Add File (attachment) or you can mark as Pinned (more on this below).

4. Click "Save" to save your changes! πŸ‘ You'll see it with the current timestamp in the Client's Profile Timeline as per below:

Pin a Note

You may want to make a Note always appear at the top of the client's Profile - mainly for important information to note, especially when multiple teammates will be managing this client.

This is how a Pinned Note appears on a Profile. It will always be minimized, unless you click "More" to show more on the Note's content.

To pin a Note when creating a new Note or editing an existing Note - check the "Mark as Pinned" option on the bottom right of the modal:

You can unpin the Note at any time by clicking the 3 dots to the right of the note, and then "Unpin". This will file the Note back into the Profile timeline (based on when the note was created).

Edit or Delete a Note

To edit or delete an existing Note, click the 3 dots to the right of a Note to bring up the options.


  • This will bring up the Note modal and you'll be able to make any edits to the Note, including removing and/ or reattaching attachments.

  • Remember to click "Save" again after you're done!


  • This will bring up 2 further options - Cancel or Delete Permanently

  • You can always Cancel at this point.

  • If you select "Delete Permanently" it does mean the Note will be removed fully from the system and it won't be able to be retrieved again.

Manage Attachments on Notes

Adding Attachments

When creating a new or editing a Note, you can click "Add File" on the bottom left of the modal to add an attachment:

Once added, it will appear like this - and you can attach more files if needed:

The attachments will appear at the top of the Note like this:

You will also be able to find ALL Note attachments for this client's Profile, under the Documents page - Note Attachments. From here you can also use the search bar and use a keyword of the file to find it (if you have a long list):

Deleting Attachments

Deleting files from notes can be done in two separate ways. One is through editing the note itself, and the other is through the Documents tab in the profile.

1st Method - Editing the note itself

1. Click on the three dots on the top right of the note where you wish to delete the file, and select Edit.

2. You will now see trash cans next to the attachments. Click on the trash can and then select Delete and then Save. This will remove it from both the note and the Documents tab.

You can re-attach a file to a note by clicking Edit from the profile timeline and then Add File πŸ‘

2nd Method - Through the Documents tab in the profile

1. Navigate to the Documents tab and look under Note Attachments. Find the file you wish to delete and click on it.

2. In the top right corner of the preview, there is a trash can. Select that and click Delete and it will be removed from both the Documents tab and the associated note.

Trail is unable to restore any deleted attachments once this process has been completed. Please take extra caution when deleting attachments.

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