To enable high returns at low management costs, we rely on two things: a scientific countercyclical investment strategy and high automation.

Our investment strategy is based on the Nobel Prize-winning research by Prof. Eugene Fama. The core of the research is to understand that stock market performance cannot be predicted and that traditional mutual funds with active fund management lag behind market returns over the long term. At the same time, active fund management incurs significantly higher costs due to analysts, research overhead and unnecessary securities transactions. At the end, the investor suffers. Based on this motivation, our algorithm invests counter-cyclically, cost-efficiently and broadly diversified in the entire market. We rely exclusively on low-cost ETFs and other index funds, ensuring you the most profitable investment in the long term. This way, you can harvest the high returns of the global capital markets by investing in almost 12,000 individual stocks from over 100 countries with low fluctuations in value.

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