With Ginmon we offer a cost-effective and profitable investment. The following costs are incurred when investing with Ginmon:

  • Service fee: 0.75 % p.a. of the investment amount

  • ETF costs: 0.20% p.a. of the investment amount (or 0.24% p.a. for our sustainable strategy)

Service fee: Our low all-inclusive service fee already includes all services incurred and ensures you a guaranteed commission-free investment. Costs for custody account management and transactions are completely covered. There is no minimum monthly fee.

ETF costs: An investment in investment funds is always subject to an ongoing fee (TER) which is taken directly from the fund assets by the fund provider. This is on average 0.20% p.a. for our classic apeironinvest investment strategies. Our sustainable investment strategies apeirongreen are slightly more expensive at around 0.24% p.a., which is due to increased research costs on the part of the ETF providers. More about our fees.

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