The investment concept of Ginmon is based on scientifically founded findings of Prof. Eugene Fama.

With Ginmon, we have developed an investment strategy that is free of forecasts and speculation and is designed to achieve the highest return for each risk level over the long term. With Ginmon, you do not invest in individual securities, but invest with ETFs in broadly diversified companies in the global economy. In this way, you benefit from the steady growth of the global economy, regardless of the development of individual regions of the world. Our investment strategy focuses on the following asset classes: Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate and Commodities. The asset classes are adapted to your personal risk profile through a mix of different ETFs.

Our investment concept is based on a buy-and-hold strategy with counter-cyclical rebalancing. This means that we do not try to buy or sell in certain phases, but instead remain invested in the global market for as long as possible. Regular rebalancing ensures that your portfolio is always in line with your chosen strategy.

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