What does Chariot do?

Chariot is your one stop shop for Donor Advised Funds tools & strategy. We help nonprofits maximize the size & frequency of their DAF gifts.

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What is Chariot?

Chariot is the #1 Donor Advised Fund fundraising solution

The many benefits of using a Donor Advised Fund ("DAF") have caused DAF accounts to explode in popularity among donors, making them the fastest growing vehicle in philanthropy.

Yet the technology supporting DAF giving has caused problems for donors and nonprofits alike. And so Chariot was born.

Fast & Easy

Chariot is here to make giving and receiving gifts from Donor Advised Funds fast and easy, anywhere a donor is inspired to give.

We work day in and day out to empower nonprofits with DAF fundraising strategy and support - so that more of the $230 Billion sitting in Donor Advised Fund accounts can move off the sidelines and into the hands of the high impact nonprofits working to make the world a better place.

Whether you're just trying to understand what is a Donor Advised Fund and explore the latest DAF trends, or you're trying to raise more money, engage more donors, and streamline your DAF gift processing, our team at Chariot is excited to be with your every step of the ride.

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