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Enterprise Platform Update - January 9, 2020
Enterprise Platform Update - January 9, 2020

Enterprise Platform Product Update (new features and bug fixes)

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  • 'Email Result Details' > 'Email Log Detail' drop down menu slow to render in report config UI [FIXED]

  • 'Force Schedule Charge' button appears for some completed payment schedules [FIXED]

  • 'End Date' for Installment plans are reporting incorrectly in Payment Schedules Reports [FIXED]

  • Custom HTML can cause PDF receipt formatting issues [FIXED]

  • Status widgets incorrectly calculating for recurring submission goals [FIXED]

  • Error during log generation can cause duplicate transaction submission [FIXED]

  • Proactive Recurring Notification emails not queued [FIXED]

  • Dollar signs and first character missing on transaction amount on 'Minimum Donation Amount' caption and Confirmation Screen message on Safari [FIXED]

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