Getting started with Gluu

A step-by-step guide to test and try all the main features in Gluu. Test with one process to know how to work with all.

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Processes and process hierarchies

Learn how to map a process flow as a swimlane diagram and set up a process hierarchy.

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Work instructions and SOPs

How you add text, files, images and video to any activity in a process.

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Comments and communications

Learn how to communicate ideas, issues and changes to your processes, work instructions and tasks.

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Recurring tasks, forms and case flows

How you use recurring tasks, forms and case flows to ensure that work is done, logged and monitored.

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Users, rights, roles and job descriptions

How you add, invite and change users, their roles and access rights.

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Monitor, control and improve processes

Discuss, report and follow-up to ensure that processes are improved continuously.

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Enterprise features

How to manage multiple accounts and a large number of processes and users.

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Compliance and security

How to manage your account's security and integrity.

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Integrations and technical FAQ

Using the API and the typical technical questions we get.

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