All work instructions are presented in the context of a process and an activity. They explain why the activity is important and how to accomplish it. You can quickly access them in multiple ways:

1. Finding work instructions from your process map

The process map gives you an overview of the end-to-end processes. It will typically contain multiple activities, which should all include work instructions. To access these from a process map, simply click on an activity and a quick view of its work instructions will show. If you want to open them or edit them, click on open activity.

2. Your role's instructions

We know that everybody has unique responsibilities in their roles. So to make it super easy to access needed information, your personalized dashboard will take you to your most relevant work instructions. This dashboard is in your Gluu's overview.

3. Search for the relevant activity

You can use the search bar to find the needed activities with work instructions.

4. Your role's activities

Choose 'Activities' in the left side menu, then click on 'My role's activities'. Then select the relevant activity and you found your needed work instructions.

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