You already get personal updates with our email notifications. But sometimes it's not just about you... Gluu's integration with Teams will notify all of your team and it brings a much higher level of engagement.

You need to have the "Gluu" application installed in your Microsoft Teams. With that done, using MS Teams UI, you can create "channel connectors" - a set of rules for the selected channel of what account events you want to be notified on.

You can set up notifications on:

  • process updated/commented

  • activity created/updated

  • case started/ completed

  • case task started/completed

  • recurring task started/completed

  • comment/reply made

And you can choose specific roles that should be included.

The setup consists of two parts: configuration in Microsoft Teams and under 'Apps & Integrations' in Gluu.

Part 1: How to setup Microsoft Integration (in beta)

  1. Download our Microsoft Teams file (provided by us)

  2. Open Microsoft Teams and select 'Apps'

  3. Download 'App Studio'

4. Open App Studio and select 'Import an existing app'. You can find your downloaded App Studio by clicking on ▪▪▪ in the left menu (activity, chat, teams, calendar, call, files, ▪▪▪)

5. Import your downloaded file from Gluu.

6. Choose 'test and distribute' and press 'install'

7. A new window will open. Click on 'add to a team'

8. Select the relevant channel and click to 'set up a connector'

9. Find Gluu for MS Teams and click on 'configure

10. Sign in with your Microsoft account

11. Select the relevant account, events to show and roles that are in the scope.

12. Finally, save your configuration. The selected channel will be notified about your setup.

Part 2: Setting up the integration in Gluu

In order to get the notifications in Microsoft Teams, the account admin needs to switch on the integration under 'Apps & integrations' in Gluu. This will also track all your connectors in the different channels.

If you want to temporarily disable, or stop notifications from all connectors, turn off the integration in Gluu.

Having multiple connectors

You can set up different connectors to the different channels, so you only get notifications about what is relevant to you. For example, your marketing channel only gets notifications about processes, activities, tasks, cases, comments, etc. where the roles of knowledge producers and marketing managers are included. And your sales channel gets updates about processes, activities, tasks and cases where business developers and sales representatives are included.

If you have multiple Gluu accounts but you are using one Microsoft Teams channel, you can set up connectors for the different accounts into one channel.

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