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Share cases for simpler access by external collaborators
Share cases for simpler access by external collaborators

Let selected external users view cases, work instructions and complete tasks in in a simpler way. This article explains how it is done.

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Let's imagine that you have a large construction project with external participants. You don't want to teach them how to use Gluu and to see the full process. With this feature you can help them focus on the specific task at hand.

Requirements to use this feature:

  • To see the 'Share' button you need to be owner or editor of the process.

What the external collaborator sees

The user will see a simplied view of Gluu 'Gluu Execute' where only cases with tasks personally assigned to the user will show:

The external user can then view everything related with the task and its work instructions. Tasks can be completed and files and images uploaded:

Sharing work with an external collaborator

There are two ways to share work with external users:

  1. Share the full process if the external collaborator has a role.
    ​NOTE! This requires that the collaborator is created as a user in with a license in Gluu.

  2. Share specific tasks in the process. This can be shared with any user - they don't need to be created in Gluu first.

Sharing the full process

1. Go to the case and click the 'Share' button:

2. Now select the user to share with and copy the URL and the pincode:

3. Send the URL to the user.

4. Now all cases, that the person is part of, can be accessed:

Sharing a specific task with an external user

  1. Go to the task you want to share and click the 'Share' icon:

  2. Now add the email of the person you want to share with:

  3. You will now share everything related with the tasks, its files and work instruction with the external users.

  4. Click 'Advanced settings' to remove features that you don't want to share:

  5. Gluu will now generate a shareable link that you can send to the external collaborator with a message:

  6. The external collaborator will then open the link and without any sign in be directed to Gluu's simple 'Execute' view:

    If the external user isn't a Gluu user, then the person's comments, files and task completion data will be associated with the email, so no name will be shown in the case report and elsewhere.

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