This article covers this particular part of mapping process flows. To learn how to map with other shapes take a look at the other articles in this collection.

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How to use events

Events are occurrences that happen outside of your process. They may mark something that starts, impacts or finishes your process. Here is a guide to show how to add an event:

  1. Click the event shape and drag it to the canvas.

  2. Describe the event.

Protip! Color events that start a process red and events that end a process green.

How to use decision gates

Decisions can be used to highlight important go/no points or split your process into more flows. They merely serve to illustrate decision points.

  1. Click the decision shape and drag it to the canvas.

  2. Link it with relevant shapes using arrows.

  3. Describe it using 1-3 words. 

Protip! Use decisions to highlight reviews and approvals so you avoid creating specific activities.

Next step: Linking to other processes and activities

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