Creating job profiles or organisational roles

See how to use organisational roles and job descriptions to clearly specify who does what. This helps you avoid mistakes and delays

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What is an organisational role?

Think of organisational roles as “hats” that people wear. A colleague with the title “Account Manager” can also take the roles of “Full-time employee”, “Business developer” or “Customer Success Manager”. With each role comes different responsibilities and by adding organisational roles and role descriptions you will provide clarity around each person’s roles and responsibilities.

Creating a new organisational role

Roles can be added or created when you create new processes. Each role is then added to a common library of processes. Only users with administrator rights can add roles. Process owners and other users can only select from the list of reusable roles.

You can also go to the 'Roles' page to add a role with a job description and users. This will then be made available to any user that maps processes. 

More info? Read about assigning roles to a user.

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