You can add files to activities in two ways:

  1. Adding files as comments. This is useful for group sessions where people are contributing their own templates and tools to the process.

  2. Adding directly to work instructions. This is useful for the Editor working directly with work instructions.

Below you see how it's done.

Adding files as comments

All users that have access to the process can add files but only Owners or Editors can enable them to become part of the work instruction. This way you can quickly share files as part of a group while still maintaining control of your documentation.

First, the file has to be uploaded. This happens via the comment box on the activity page:

  1. Select the activity you wish to comment on.

  2. Add a comment to the file in the box.

  3. Click the file icon.

  4. Choose the file you wish to upload.

  5. Click Share.

  6. Your comment is now visible

Now, the file is added as a comment and is shown in the file widget that appears when a file has been shared:

Adding files directly to work instructions

Owners and Editors then manage which files to make part of the formal work instruction by following these steps:

  1. Open the work instructions in edit mode.

  2. Click on the components icon.

  3. Select the relevant document.

  4. Your document is now uploaded.

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