As an internal or external business process consulting partner you can use Gluu as a process consulting tool in several client situations. A common denominator for them all is a need to engage people with different roles in collaborating around a process.

A first process workshop with a client team

Call a meeting in a room with a projector, or a large screen. Remember to have internet access. Then…

  1. Log in to the client’s account (or create one).

  2. Create a process. You can either start from a Gluu template or with a blank canvas.

  3. Open the process page using the “Full screen” option.

  4. Run your workshop as you prefer by adding and creating organizational roles and activities together with the group.

  5. Click “Create process” whenever you want.

  6. Go through the process page to explain what people can do.

  7. Click “invite participants” to invite your workshop group to participate.

  8. Show them how they can add comments, ideas, and issues to each activity (on each Activity page).

This way you will have a very collaborative process and role creation session, where the focus is on the issue and not the tool. You don’t even have to spend time transferring brown paper drawings to Visio afterward.

A collaborative process workshop with a client team

Call a meeting in a room with a projector, or a large screen. Remember to have internet access. Then…

  1. Go through the same steps as “A first process workshop with a client”, then in a second session…

  2. Request everyone to log in to the client’s account.

  3. Request everyone to go to the process page of the process that is the topic of the day.

  4. Request everyone to add their ideas, comments, and questions as you (or a client rep) presents each activity.

  5. Give people 5-10 minutes to “reply to” and label each other’s ideas beforeyou go to the next activity.

  6. Give people the homework assignment to add documents, templates, and useful links that they use to each activity.

Now you’ve got them engaged and they’re starting to internalize the process, it’s activities and highlight the issues they see with turning it into real behaviors

Ongoing follow-up with a client team

Once your client’s team is familiar with Gluu and a very dynamic way of working with “how they work”, then it’s about trying out the process in real situations. This is where you help them spot the events that start the process and coach and guide them to observe, think, and leave comments for everything and anything they see. It is almost like doing your own work shadowing. You can then offer to keep the community alive with 1-2 hours of consultancy per week and a monthly improvement workshop. It can run like this…

  1. Invite everyone to attend an online meeting.

  2. Log in to the client’s account and share your screen.

  3. Ensure everyone logs into their accounts to capture any reflections and comments they have.

  4. Use the “Activity” filter on the process page to find the comments that most agree within areas such as “Issues”, “Ideas”, etc.

  5. Use your normal problem solving method to analyze and define corrective action (e.g. Lean’s A3, or similar).

  6. Make changes on the fly and record all to-dos.

This way you can help your client to get into a cycle of continuous improvement through distance coaching, help, and follow-up. Regular online calls can create a good rhythm. This way you can service multiple clients with Gluu as your process consulting tool.

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