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Your data is stored securely in Microsoft's Azure Cloud and backed up continuously.
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All data on the platform is backed up daily. Also, the infrastructure that Gluu is built on top of is completely redundant and fail-safe both in terms of storage and processing. 

Transmission Security

All communications with servers are encrypted by default using industry standard SSL (256-bit encryption, 2048-bit root and domain control validation from GeoTrust). This ensures that all traffic between you and Gluu is secure during transit. Unlike email-based communication, most of which flows unprotected over the Internet, your communication with Gluu is completely protected.

Access Control

All access to data within Gluu is governed by access rights. Every user who attempts to access your Gluu account is authenticated by username and password. Passwords are required to be minimum 8 characters with special characters and adhere to latest international standards.

In short, if you have a good password, your data is much more secure in Gluu than if it is sitting on a Shared drive in your own network.

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