Let's imagine that your organisation has subsidiaries in multiple countries. Then you may want different sets of processes. At the same time, you want some super users to be able to access them all. 

Or perhaps you're a consultant who works with multiple clients on an ongoing basis? Then you also want to be able to access multiple accounts easily (assuming you have permission).

Setting up multiple Gluu accounts

This is how you do it...

  1. Create a Gluu account for each subsidiary.

  2. Make sure that the people that need to access each account are created in each account.

  3. You will now see an account selector when you log in:

Also, while you work in one account you can easily shift to another account by selecting it and jumping straight there without an additional login. Simply click on your 'Account settings'.

Clone processes from one Gluu account to another

Perhaps you want to share best practice processes from one account to another? If you have an enterprise plan with +100 users then we can set you up with a master account so that new accounts are created based on the master.

This means that you e.g. create group-wide processes in one account and then add subsidiaries on an ongoing basis. The subsidiaries will then be able to clone processes from the group account. This way you can easily distribute your best practice processes and work instructions to affiliated accounts. 

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