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Assigning roles to a user

Add a role to a user so he or she can see the activities, comments and tasks related to all activities that the role is responsible for.

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If you have access to roles management, then you can manage a user's roles in three ways:

  1. From inside the process map

  2. From 'Roles'

  3. From 'Users'

What happens when a user has a role?

Once you have added a role to a user they will automatically see:

  • Comments made to any activity that his role is responsible for.

  • Tasks in the activity's task calendar.

  • Tasks that are due.

  • Hourly, daily or weekly emails with a summary of comments to activities that the role is responsible for. 

Adding/removing users from the process map

Click the swimlane's settings (the gear wheel icon) to open the role dialogue:

You will then see your list of roles. If you need to add a new user to your process, you can do it under 'responsibilities' in your process. Then they can see the process and will stay up-to-date on communications

Adding/removing users from the 'Roles' page

Go to the 'Roles' page, click edit, search for the right user and add him or her to the role:

Adding/removing users from the 'Users' page

Or go to 'Account and users', click the user's name, search the role's name and save:

These are the three methods for editing, adding and removing roles to an individual. 

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