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Which charging card can be used with Electra?
Which charging card can be used with Electra?
Updated over a week ago

You can use your charging card directly at our hubs.

Select this option on the screen and then, place your badge in front of the RFID reader at the station.

List of supported providers:

  • ALD Automotive

  • Audi (E-tron charging service)

  • BE:MO

  • Blulinc

  • Borneslib

  • Bosch

  • Bump

  • BMW Charging

  • Chargemap

  • Chargepoint

  • Charge My Hyundai

  • ChargeNow

  • Izivia

  • Easycharging

  • Electromaps

  • Elvah

  • EnBW (app Mobility+)

  • Eneco Mobility

  • EV Way

  • Freshmile

  • Kia Charge

  • Kiwhi Pass

  • Last Mile Solutions (Engie, Chargewell...)

  • Lexus Charging

  • Mercedes me Charge

  • Mini Charging

  • Mobilize

  • Monta ApS

  • Muvext (app Miio)

  • Octopus Energy (app Electric Juice)

  • Optimile

  • Plugsurfing

  • PowerPass

  • Robert Bosch

  • Subaru Charging

  • Shell New Motion

  • Toyota Charging

  • Ulys Mobilité Service

  • WeCharge

  • ZE-Watt

    💡 Your charging card provider defines the price per kWh.

To find out pricing, we invite you to contact the relevant provider.

For any further information, please send us an email at

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