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GoJoe is the social fitness app for work and play. Exercise on your own, but not alone. Highly motivational virtual fitness through:-

  • Team-based activity challenges;

  • Content from world-renowned experts including high profile sportspeople, personal trainers and health professionals; and

  • Health and fitness communities.

We bring people together and empower them to supercharge their mental and physical health, GoJoe-style.

GoJoe is used the world’s biggest brands to help engage their staff across all pillars of wellbeing, all year-round, as well as with groups of friends looking for a bit of friendly competition.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an ‘ordinary joe’ (like us here at GoJoe) or elite athlete. Every activity counts. It’s all about teamwork and encouraging each other to get active.


Run team-based, fun and inclusive virtual fitness challenges of any size or scale. Participants work together – their solo workouts count towards their team via the app.

GoJoe automatically weights and converts activities to points in the background. Team and solo leaderboards can be accessed in real-time as well as enhanced data insights and awards. Participants engage via team and challenge chat channels.

Whilst GoJoe specialises in global events with an unlimited amount of teams and participants competing in the same challenge through our premium (paid) challenges, a free version can also be accessed in-app which is limited to two teams and up to ten people per team.


From walking to gym sessions (and many more), activities added to GoJoe are automatically synced and weighted - with no steps or manual conversions in sight - so that everyone is motivated, engaged and on a level playing field.

There’s 40+ activity types to choose from including:-

  • Movement: Running, Walking, Wheelchair

  • Biking: Cycling, Spinning, Handcycling

  • Water sports: Swimming, Canoeing, Kayaking, Paddleboard, Rowing, Surfing, Sailing

  • Snow sports: Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice Skating

  • Combat sports: Boxing, Martial Arts

  • Gym/studio: Strength, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Dance

  • Racket sports: Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Pickleball

  • Team sports: Football, Rugby, Netball, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball

  • Other: Golf, Climbing, Horseriding, Skating, Skateboarding


Whether using GoJoe as a fitness tracker, social training tool or virtual event, adding activities is really easy.

You can add workouts to GoJoe in one of three ways - you can either:-

  • Sync – by connecting Garmin, Fitbit, Wahoo, Polar, Suunto or Apple Health (to record Apple Watch activities);

  • Use GoJoe’s in-app GPS tracker; or

  • Manual input – with controls to prevent cheating.


From guided meditations to HIIT workouts, access content from people you know including professional athletes, personal trainers, and experts across GoJoe’s four wellbeing pillars: Move, Fuel, Rest and Feel. GoJoe promotes pro-active wellbeing via the feed and content library to help keep you on a journey.


We know that people are social animals – as they say in Game of Thrones “the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives”. It’s all about the community at GoJoe, whether that’s your team-mates in a challenge, training partner mates at home or dance partner colleagues at work. We’ve built GoJoe around such communities including:-

  • Team and challenge chat groups - engage with friend or foe in a one-off event;

  • Organisation groups – to help workplaces bring staff together all-year round; and

  • Shared interest groups – open to all but connected by things in common.


Put health and fitness in the hands of the staff - and watch as engagement goes supersonic. At last, a wellbeing app that everyone wants and loves. GoJoe allows you to build a health and fitness community within your workplace at GoJoe including an ability to:-

  • Create your own organisation area and chat;

  • Run your own custom workplace challenges of any size, scale or format;

  • Give your staff access to content across all pillars of wellbeing;

  • Post our your own wellbeing content to your staff; and

  • Link out to your other wellness resources, all from one-place.

Trusted by the world’s best companies to help put wellness on autopilot, delivering real and measurable results.

Ready. Set. GoJoe!

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