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How do I sync a wearable and what will happen?
How do I sync a wearable and what will happen?
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You can sync the following devices to GoJoe:-

  • Garmin

  • Fitbit

  • Apple Health (which pulls Apple Watch, Peloton and Nike Run Club workouts)

  • Polar

  • Suunto

  • Health Connect (which pulls Samsung Health workouts)

  • Wahoo

  • Coros

The above devices/platforms can be synced to GoJoe either during the GoJoe on-boarding process or in-app at any time by: pressing More > Settings > Applications and Devices > pressing the Wearable > giving the permissions > following the steps.

You’ll know that the connection is live if a tick appears by the wearable. If the tick doesn’t appear then please try again or use the in-app live chat support (More > Settings > Live Chat) or drop us an email at if you get stuck.

There are some extra steps for Samsung Health and they can be found in this article here.

Historic activities (those done before you synced your wearable to GoJoe and got the tick) will not appear. This is normal. We intentionally don't pull historic activities to avoid people joining a challenge on the last day and inadvertently going to the top.

Once you’ve connected your wearable account to GoJoe, given the permissions, and got the tick, any activity you undertake in future which is registered on Apple Health (as either an Apple Watch, Peloton and Nike Run Club workout) or Garmin, Fitbit, Polar, Suunto, Health Connect (Samsung) or Wahoo should automatically sync to GoJoe. They should appear instantly within GoJoe or within a few minutes (there shouldn't be any delay). Remember, GoJoe is about activities, not steps.

If you haven't got a wearable, use manual input or our in-app GPS tracker.

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