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What's to stop people cheating on GoJoe?
What's to stop people cheating on GoJoe?
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GoJoe is ultimately a bit of fun and our challenges are about supporting each other to get active. It's important that they shouldn't become toxic as they’re ultimately about wellbeing. The integrity of the challenge is also really important to us. It’s therefore a balancing act between inclusivity on the one hand and integrity of the event on the other.

No competition-based app which involves people exercising on their own can say that there is zero cheating. However, it's very rare on GoJoe – particularly because it runs against the whole spirit, tone and values that we represent – and we have a range of tools which promote a fair contest.

As well as our community of joes self-regulating, we have a GoJoe referee, activity flagging, points capping, algorithms, wearable/tracker data, and encourage those who manually upload to attach supporting evidence (which is kept private but can be examined by the referee if an activity is flagged for review).

In addition, to further help keep the challenge fun and fair and the integrity high, the following additional controls are applicable:-

  • There is a maximum of 8 hours per day of manually input activities allowed;

  • You can't manually input activities that were done more than 48 hours before the input time; and

  • GoJoe will not allow you to input or sync activities which overlap with one another.

Mistakes happen in life and, in the vast majority of cases, inaccurate entries are innocently explained and easily corrected (for example, rogue wearables or input errors). Inevitably in life, you get the odd person who might try to ruin the experience for others by making up entries. Either way, GoJoe is here to help.

You can flag activities for review by the GoJoe referee in the app. Head to the user's profile > Go to Activities > Press the three dots on the top right > Flag activity. You can also reach us through the in-app support chat - go to More (from the main navigation screen > Settings > Live Chat) or emailing us ( The referee will go in and check the entry and any supporting evidence. The GoJoe referee has a wide discretion and set of superpowers. If there is no or insufficient evidence the referee may correct the record, request more information or strike off the activity. The GoJoe referee’s word is final! 😊

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