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How to connect Samsung Health?
How to connect Samsung Health?

Detailed Steps to Connect Samsung health to GoJoe

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Samsung Health can only connect to Android devices.

Connecting with Samsung health requires two steps:

  1. Connect Samsung Health to Health Connect

  2. Connect Health Connect to GoJoe

Step 1: Connect Samsung Health to Health Connect

  1. Download Health Connect from the Play Store on your Android phone.

  2. Open Health Connect.

  3. Tap Get Started.

  4. Select App permissions.

  5. Select Samsung Health from the list of apps. (If Samsung does not show up: be sure to press "Can't see all your apps?" and then press "See all compatible apps" where you can search for Samsung Health.)

  6. Enable Allow all or manually select the health data you want to sync.

Step 2: Connect GoJoe to Health Connect

  1. Enter the GoJoe app -> Press More -> Press the settings -> Press applications and devices.

  2. Click on Health Connect

  3. Allow all access

  4. Check Health Connect to see if GoJoe is connected. It should appear like the picture.

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