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How do the chat groups work on GoJoe?
How do the chat groups work on GoJoe?
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The Chat section of the app (Press "More" on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen to access this section) contains chat groups and messages:

  • Organization chat (if your organization has engaged GoJoe) - this is for health and fitness GoJoe engagement with your colleagues all year round, whether in or outside of challenges

  • Direct messages - will appear in this area.

...and when you create or join a team in a challenge, you'll also automatically be added to:-

  • Team chat - this contains all of your team-mates,

  • Challenge chat - this has all of the participants. This can be also found within your challenge.

...and If you are part of a journey, you'll be automatically added to:-

  • Journey chat - this includes all journey participants

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