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How do I join a challenge?
How do I join a challenge?
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There are a number of different challenge types on GoJoe and the joining experience will vary depending on the challenge in question.

If you are joining a challenge created by your organization or workplace, you should have received sign up instructions from the challenge creator which contains step-by-step guidance including a code which you use to find a join the challenge in question. However, the process for joining is generally as follows:-

1. Download the GoJoe app > create an account > sign in.

2. Press the "+" button on the navigation bar and press "Got a code?" > enter the organization or challenge code (this should have been provided to you by the challenge creator) > press Join > complete any custom challenge onboarding fields (if any). (If the challenge doesn't appear they should press challenges > press into the challenge > press join team).

3. Create or join a team:-

To create a team (if your challenge creator has enabled the option of you creating teams within the event): Press the Create team button > enter your team name > add team mates (optional - they can join later or you can go it alone) > press create team.

To join a team: Press the Join Team button from within the challenge that you want to join > press into the team that you wish to join (if the team does not show, you can also search for the team by pressing the filter button that is located to the right of the word leaderboard > insert the team name in the search box that appears above and press enter > press into your team) > Press join team.

If you are joining a challenge created by another GoJoe user, ask the challenge creator to share the challenge code (which appears within their challenge overview section) and repeat the above steps.

If you are joining an open public challenge created by GoJoe, you will not need a code - join by simply pressing into the challenge and then either the create or join team button > follow the steps.

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