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How we ensure GoJoe is inclusive to everyone?
How we ensure GoJoe is inclusive to everyone?
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Inclusivity, social and having fun is at the heart of what we do, and we have designed GoJoe to ensure everyone can participate, regardless of their current health and fitness starting point and support for people with a condition.

In addition, again just for background, our CEO spent 8 years at Team GB working with athletes. Just for some additional context, one of our investors and brand ambassadors is also the double Olympic triathlete champion, Alistair Brownlee, and one of our other GoJoe athletes is parasport legend and paralympic gold medallist, Kadeena Cox OBE.

We used our network to work out how best to ensure that everyone and people with a condition are fully included.

While other apps focus on steps, we’re conscious that not everybody can step or chooses to get active in that way. GoJoe is therefore activity-based and includes over 45 different types, all weighted to level the playing field. This ensures that participants can take part across a wide range of sports and activities including wheelchair and handcycling, for example.

In addition to that, we hate the thought of a ‘one sized fits all’ approach which doesn’t work in the world of disability sport. If any person with a disability feels that GoJoe’s 40+ activities or weightings wouldn’t work for them - or the other participants - they can hit us up and we will engage directly to agree a fair weighting. In other words, we take a very hands-on approach which we believe avoids unfairness or tokenism. Inclusivity runs in our blood and is something we’re extremely passionate about.

If you have any feedback regarding our predefined activities or weightings, you may reach out to us directly via live chat or email us at

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