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How to book a Return to Pickup
How to book a Return to Pickup
Written by Emily Edwards
Updated over a week ago

Need to send something and get it returned to you the same day? Maybe a document needs signing and giving back, you need to replace rental items with new ones, or you're delivering cakes and need the tubs and trays returned.

Book a ‘return to pickup’ in a few easy steps:

  • Once you’ve logged in, choose the multi-job booking option as there will be 3 stops on this journey (Pickup > Drop off > Return to pickup)

  • Add both the pick up and delivery details as normal

  • Then press the 3 dots on the side of the pickup location and select ‘return to pickup’

  • Add parcel details for the journey there and back (even if it’s the same parcel for both journeys)

  • Your route will appear on the map view

  • Continue and the vehicle option will be selected based on the size of the largest parcel

  • Complete your booking as normal

Waiting time

You’ll have the standard 10 mins free waiting time at each drop off.

Need longer? That’s not a problem. Please let the courier know by speaking to them directly or contacting them using the details on their profile.

But do keep in mind that you’ll be charged waiting time for every minute after the initial 10 mins.

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