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SMS Text Messages
SMS Text Messages
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This is the only Add-on with an added fee.

A monthly $5 subscription fee will apply while this addon is active.

The above fee covers an assigned sms local phone number unique to your business.

An activated SMS pack is required to send SMS messages

SMS packs automatically renew when there are only 50 sms remaining. This renewal process is a precaution for keeping SMS services from being suspended and stopping communication.

If a customer calls your sms number, the call will be forwarded to the phone number in your company settings at a charge of 4 sms credits. Pack purchases are non-refundable.

When buying SMS packs you have these in your SMS pool until you use them. You will be charged one SMS credit per 160 characters. There are no other recurring fees other than the $5 phone number fee.

If you deactivate the SMS add-on and want to activate it again, you will not be charged for the SMS pack if there are more than 50 SMS remaining in your account.

Text messaging allows you to use the emailing feature with an SMS counterpart. Primarily the Appointment Confirmations and the Appointment Reminders.

Let's look at Appointment Confirmations:

You can check the 'Enable' box to enable automated confirmations, then edit the SMS message in the field below.

The SMS variables will automatically pull the customer's information into their text message. For example, the [::client_first_name::] variable will automatically add the customer's first name.

Note: Please do not copy and paste email variables into the SMS fields, they will not work.


You can include a [::short_url::] SMS variable within the text message to provide a link for your customer to confirm or request to reschedule an appointment.

The customer will receive an SMS message that looks like this:

The [::short_url::] link brings them to a page where they can confirm their time or request to reschedule.

Another SMS variable that can be used to confirm/reschedule your customers accordingly is the [::sms_bot::] SMS variable. This can be found in your SMS variable list as well.

Note: You should only be using [::sms_bot::] OR [::short_url::] in your SMS. You do not need both.


How To Opt In A Customer To Receive SMS

From the calendar -> Click on an appointment -> There’s a synopsis of the appointment on the right hand side.

Right above the service address, you have the ability to toggle the customer’s messaging preferences.

Here you’ll see the customer’s messaging preferences, how you want to communicate with the customer regarding this service.

For Appointment Reminders, you have the option to set up the customer to receive Email, SMS, Both, or to turn them Off.

Once you opt them in, they will receive the automated reminders if you set them up to be Auto.

Or you can also send out reminders manually. 

There’s a menu on the calendar with a number of options. Two of the options are to send a reminder or send confirmations out manually.

Let’s send a reminder to the job. This customer opted in to receive reminders by both email and text message because the email and phone number appears here.

Once you click send, the customer will receive an email and a text message.

The SMS Communicator

Every customer has an SMS communicator. It shows the SMS that goes out to the customer and incoming messages from the customer as well. You will get replies in real-time.

You will see the SMS inbox at the top of your account, where you can view incoming messages and reply if needed.

If there’s an incoming SMS, there is a blue light in the corner of the job event. That blue light is pulsing or blinking slowly. That means you’ve received an SMS that you need to respond to.

If you open it, it will bring you to the communicator to respond to them. You can engage in a live chat with the customer.

All incoming messages are at no cost. Only outgoing messages will take from your SMS pool.

In Version 3:
You can set an auto-reply on text messages received after hours. Learn more here >>>

The Benefits of Using Text Messaging

In GorillaDesk you can have automated appointment confirmations, reminders, and follow ups sent to customers by SMS.

  • Email at best has a 50% open rate

  • SMS has over 95% open rate within the first 10 minutes

SMS is far superior to email for communication.

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