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Click here to learn how to customize your own email templates.

With the email inbox, you can sync your email account and start communicating right inside GorillaDesk.

Please note: This is a Beta feature and may not be included free forever and can be subject to a new billing requirement. This feature is also only available on the Pro Plan.

If you plan on syncing your Gmail account with GorillaDesk, you must have G Suite enabled. You will also need to whitelist GorillaDesk's API in your Google WorkSpace admin panel.

To learn more about upgrading to Google WorkSpace click the button below:

To learn more about whitelisting GorillaDesk's API click the button below:

Now, let's get started!

  1. First, you will need to enable the email inbox in your Settings > Addons > Email Inbox.

  2. Next, you can add your signature which will appear in the footer of all of your outgoing emails. 

3. Now, you can add your email account.
4. Enter your name and email address you would like to send from. 

Note: We highly recommend logging incoming and outgoing emails automatically.

5. Sign in with Google or enter custom IMAP/SMTP settings for any other email service (hotmail, aol, yahoo etc). Below are links with additional information on how to find these settings:

For Hotmail IMAP/SMTP settings click here >>
For AOL IMAP/SMTP settings click here >>
For Yahoo IMPAP/SMTP settings click here >>
For Godaddy IMAP/SMTP settings click here >>

For Godaddy using Outlook emails, use the Login with Microsoft button.

For Outlook and Microsoft emails, use the Login with Microsoft button.

6. If you sign in with your Gmail account, you will need to bypass this page by clicking 'Advanced' then 'Go to (unsafe)'.

7.  Then, click 'Allow'. This will begin to sync any emails from your inbox with the corresponding customer's account in GorillaDesk. This may take up to a few hours to completely sync.

Note: This may take up to a few hours to completely sync. If you are having trouble syncing, please make sure you have enabled IMAP in your email settings.

8. Once the sync is complete you can view your inbox by expanding the menu in the upper left corner of your calendar.

Note: Any incoming emails associated with a customer's GorillaDesk account will appear in your inbox.

Please be aware that If your own email is added as a contact on a customer's account, your own incoming emails will appear in the email inbox, even if they are not associated with a GorillaDesk customer.

9. Checking the box to the left of an email and clicking 'Done' at the top will remove the email from your inbox and move it to the 'Done' section of your inbox. You can also use the search bar to search your email inbox.

10. Now, if we open a customer's account, you will have the ability to create and send them an email directly from their customer profile. 

11. Clicking 'All Activities' will allow you to filer the customer's feed by Notes, Emails, All Open Tasks, My Open Tasks, and All Completed Tasks.

12. You can also set an auto reminder that will appear in your inbox if a customer does not reply in 'x' amount of days:

This is just the first iteration of the email inbox, and we will be adding improvements as we receive feedback from our users. 

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