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How to whitelist GorillaDesk's API in Google Workspace
How to whitelist GorillaDesk's API in Google Workspace
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In order to sync your Gmail email to the Email Inbox in GorillaDesk, you'll need to make sure you have a Workspace enabled Google account and you'll need to whitelist GorillaDesk's API in your Workspace admin settings.

To learn more about upgrading to Workspace click the button below:

First, you'll need to log in to your Google admin console here. Once you've logged in, follow these steps to whitelist GorillaDesk's API.

1. Click on Security to configure your security settings.

2. Within your security settings, scroll down to the bottom and select API controls.

3. Click Manage Third Party App Access.

4. Click the Configure new app dropdown menu, then select OAuth App Name of Client ID.

5. Copy and paste the code below:

in the search bar and click Search.

6. Click Select. Then check GorillaDesk from the results list, and click the Select button at the bottom.

7. Check the option Trusted and then click Configure.

8. Once successfully added, you should receive a prompt stating that GorillaDesk is now trusted to access all Google services.

Once GorillaDesk has been whitelisted, you can proceed back to Settings > Addons > Email Inbox in GorillaDesk and complete these steps to finish syncing your email.

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