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If you are new to GorillaDesk, but you have an existing Stripe account, this feature will allow you to pull your existing Stripe customer and connect it to your GorillaDesk customer.

Note: You need to enter or import your customer contact list in GorillaDesk first to perform this feature and you need to be connected with Stripe.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open your customer's account and click the Edit Customer button

Step 2: Click the button Add Credit Card in Stripe

Step 3: Click Link an Existing Stripe ID

Step 4: The system will automatically lookup that customer using the email address and find a matching Stripe customer with a matching email address.

Once the matching ID is found, click Connect this ID.

If your GorillaDesk customer doesn’t have an email but they are in Stripe, you can use the option Search by Stripe ID.

Search by Stripe ID

Step 1: Open your Stripe account and go to the customer’s list then search for the customer name.

Step 2: Open the customer’s account and copy the customer ID.

Step 3: Go back to GorillaDesk and paste the Stripe customer ID in the search box.

The system will return the result for the matching ID, then click Connect this ID.

This will pull the existing card token from Stripe which will allow you to use the card inside GorillaDesk

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