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Connecting Gravity Forms with GorillaDesk Using Zapier
Connecting Gravity Forms with GorillaDesk Using Zapier
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In this article, we'll discuss how to zap leads from Gravity form into GorillaDesk.


Step 1: Log in to your Zapier dashboard and click MAKE A ZAP

Step 2: Select Gravity Forms as your App Event

Step 3: Choose Form Submission as your trigger event. This will cause new form submissions to trigger an action in GorillaDesk.

Step 4: You will need to choose your Gravity Form account, you'd like to connect with Zapier.

If it is your first time connecting your Gravity Forms account, you will need to Connect a new account.

Site URL, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret

The first time you are connecting your Gravity Forms account with Zapier, you will need to enter your Site URL, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret.

Site URL

The site URL will be the base URL for your website. Make sure to include https:// and the .com/.net/etc.

Consumer Key and Secret Key

Please follow the steps below to find your Consumer Key and Secret Key.

Step 1. Log in to your Wordpress admin panel and click Forms on the left-hand side.

Step 2: Select Settings

Step 3: Select Rest API

Step 4: Add Key

Step 5: Enter a description, User, and set Permissions to Read/Write

Step 6: Copy your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret

Note: The Consumer Key and Consumer Secret will not be available once you've left the page.

Step 7: Navigate back to Zapier and paste your Site URL, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret and click Yes, Continue.

Step 8: Click Continue

Step 9: Select the form you'd like to connect with GorillaDesk.

Step 10: Test your trigger

Note: This will find a recent form submission in your Gravity Forms account to use as test data. If the form has never been completed, please open your Gravity Form in another window and complete it.


Step 1: Choose GorillaDesk

Step 2: Choose Action Event

Note: GorillaDesk supports Adding a Customer, Adding a Lead, and Adding a Booking. For this example, we are adding a new lead into GorillaDesk.

Step 3: Choose your GorillaDesk account

Step 4: Set up your Actions

This is where you will connect the fields in your Gravity Form to the lead fields in GorillaDesk. Once you have mapped each field accordingly, click Continue at the bottom of the page.

Test and Review

Once you have set up your actions, you can Test & Review your actions in GorillaDesk.

Your test lead will appear in your Inbound Leads Report in GorillaDesk.

If you'd like to convert the lead into a customer, you can click the gear icon to the right of the lead and select Add as New Customer.

Turn On Zap

Once you've tested and reviewed your Zap, you can head back over to Zapier to turn on your Zap.

Once enabled, any new lead that completes your Gravity Form will be Zapped into GorillaDesk.

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