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Automatic Payments Using Invoice Frequency
Automatic Payments Using Invoice Frequency

Setting up auto pay or auto charge

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GorillaDesk's invoice frequency feature will allow your invoice to repeat on its own frequency, separate from your job's frequency. This is extremely beneficial when your billing cycle does not align with the frequency of service.

You can place an action to your invoice frequency to automatically charge the customer's card on the scheduled date.

Note: You must have Stripe or Square active to use this feature. You must have your Customer's Credit Card stored on their account.

Here's how it works:

  1. Open an active job with an invoice attached.

  2. By default, your invoice will repeat with the job. Click 'Edit' to customize the frequency.

3. Change the repeat option to your desired frequency.

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Yearly

For this example, we will set the invoice to repeat Bi-Monthly while being attached to a Monthly, recurring job.

The Invoice Date reflects the Date Issued.

Action: This is the action that will occur on the invoice date. If you want the invoice to automatically charge the customer, set the action to:

  • Charge to a card on file

  • Charge to a card on file and send a receipt.

This feature is available for the Basic and Pro Plans and both Stripe and Square.

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