Getting Started with Grayscale

Everything your team needs to get started with Grayscale, Integrations, and our Chrome Extension

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Training Videos

Check out these training videos for Grayscale's texting platform

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Resources & Best Practices

Check out these resources and pro tips for maximizing your text recruiting strategy

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How to use templates to your advantage

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Bulk Messaging

Reaching out to more than one candidate at once

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Give your team "another set of hands" with powerful automations

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Surveys and Reports

Get actionable feedback from your candidates to help improve your process

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Talent Pool

Your go-to address book, a simple yet invaluable resource where the contact details of your candidates and prospects live.

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Grayscale Texting FAQs

Tutorials & resources for Grayscale's texting capabilities and Chrome extension

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Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) is the ability for users to authenticate with Grayscale through an Identity Provider instead of directly with a username and password

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Tip and resources for getting the most from Text-for-Jobs

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SAP SuccessFactors Resources

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Grayscale User Guides

How to use Grayscale's latest and greatest features

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Onboarding & Registration Resources

Resources & best practices

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Grayscale Docs

Error Code & Warning Directory

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