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CDP: Carbon Disclosure Project
CDP: Carbon Disclosure Project
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Greenly gets CDP certification and becomes an accredited partner

Greenly has successfully completed the accreditation process to become a solution provider proposed by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) - a leading organization for corporate environmental reporting. Certified in six service categories, Greenly joins the CDP prestigious network of "Accredited Solutions Providers".

In this document you can learn more about:

  • What is the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)?

  • What is the mission of the CDP?

  • What is CDP partner certification?

  • The Greenly’s certification by the CDP

  • What is the CDP partner accreditation process?

  • Greenly’s client references provided to CDP for accreditation

What is the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)?

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an international non-profit organization that aims at promoting companies and municipalities’ disclosures about their environmental impact and climate strategies.

Founded in London in 2000, the CDP has succeeded in encouraging the publication of companies' environmental footprints - which face a growing pressure from investors to be transparent. In the absence of clear regulatory standards for non-financial reporting, the CDP succeeds in collecting environmental data from thousands of companies every year. Today, it represents one of the largest and most accurate environmental databases in the world.

To date, the CDP supports more than 18,700 companies and more than 1,100 cities and states in assessing and managing risks and opportunities related to climate change, water security and deforestation.

What is the mission of the CDP?

The CDP has developed environmental reporting standards that allow financial markets and the general public to compare companies' ambition in terms of ecological transition.

In addition to standardizing data for climate reporting, the CDP became a rating agency and now evaluates companies' environmental performance. Each year, the CDP uses the information provided in annual reports to assign a score to businesses and municipalities. Various criteria are taken into consideration: such as fighting against climate change, sustainable management of water, forest conservation, and more.

These scores aim towards supporting the development of a transparent approach to environmental action.

The CDP rating methodology is completely independent.

What is CDP partner certification?

The CDP has launched an accreditation program for environmental solutions and service providers. Its goal is to help organizations which publish their data to identify trusted partners - those supporting the transition to a sustainable economy.

Accredited suppliers support organizations working with the CDP, helping them take the necessary steps to become environmental leaders.

Renewable energy experts, software platforms or audit bodies… CDP-accredited suppliers offer a wide range of skills and services that enable businesses and municipalities to implement their sustainable development strategies.

Through an accreditation process that includes reference checks, the CDP has created a global network of accredited solutions.

Greenly’s certification by the CDP

Greenly is proud to be a CDP accredited solution in the following six categories:

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory;

  • Data collection and software services;

  • Environmental Target Setting;

  • Scenario Analysis;

  • Scope 3 Services;

  • Sustainability Communication.

What is the CDP partner accreditation process?

One of the main criteria for obtaining CDP certification is the collection of testimonials from at least six customer references - including at least three companies responding to the CDP annually and three large companies.

These references should provide information on the types of services requested, the quality of the services provided, the value for money and the intention to recommend the evaluated solution to other companies.

Greenly’s client references provided to CDP for accreditation

At Greenly, we had the opportunity to work with remarkable and committed clients, who have contributed to our development and shared exceptional feedback on our solution during the CDP accreditation process. Here are a few quotes from some of our clients’ answers:

"The service offered by Greenly is of high quality. Whether through the live chat integrated with the Greenly tool or by email, we always get answers to our problems in the day. We have a collaborative relationship with Greenly, and the team systematically takes our feedback and feedback into account. As a start-up, Greenly shows great agility. We see Greenly as a partner, not just a service provider."

  • BNP

'The service provided by Greenly is excellent. Greenly is always there to help us with our carbon footprint. The Greenly team is responsive and professional. They are there to help us set up and use the solution properly. I recommend Greenly to all companies that want to establish their greenhouse gas emissions balance. Even if a company has specific needs that require platform adaptations, Greenly is open to discussion to evolve its solution according to the needs of its customers."

  • GSF

"Greenly’s services meet and exceed our expectations. They allow a fine adaptation of the tool to our needs and the specificity of our activity.

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