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How do I install the TMS Supercharger for Aljex or Revanova?
How do I install the TMS Supercharger for Aljex or Revanova?
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1. To install the “ TMS Supercharger” chrome extension please use the following link to the Chrome store -

NOTE: This feature only supports the user of the Google Chrome browser.

2. Click the “Install” button:

3. Click on the “Add extension” button in the pop-up window and the extension will be added to your Chrome browser

Using the TMS Supercharger in Aljex

  1. Go to your Aljex instance and log in. You will see the minimized version of the TMS Supercharger on top of the screen. When a Load is selected from a Load Board, the data for the Load will update in this section. You can also click on the "Quote New Lane" button if you wish to get pricing insights on a lane for which you do not have an active built load and the System will redirect you to the GS Web application:

  2. Click on the load PRO# of any load in the load board:

  3. Click on the "Login" button in the TMS Supercharger:

  4. Input the credentials of the GS Broker user:

  5. The extension will appear each time you open the load details of any load in Aljex for which the following fields are populated:

    1. Equipment type (please note that only certain truckload equipment types are supported by If you are not sure what those equipment types are, please check with your Admin or contact Support at )

    2. Pick up date and time (“Appt” or “Ready” fields in Aljex)

    3. Pick up zip code / City + State

    4. Drop off zip code / City + State

  6. The System will present you with the Target Buy rate and confidence level. If you would like to view the detailed lane analytics click on the "Show lane analytics" button and the extended version of the TMS Supercharger will appear:

  7. If you would like to check the price for the lane for which the load has not yet been created in Aljex, please click on the "Quote New Lane" button. The system will open the Web application in a separate tab. Use the same credentials that you have for the TMS Supercharger to log in. You can find the detailed user guide on how to use the GS Web application here.

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